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Preparing for College or Grad School?

Many highly motivated students in the DC area are stressed about an upcoming ACT, SAT, or GRE test. The sheer amount of information from different colleges and grad school programs can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the added burden of writing up personal statements, application essays, and a resume during an already busy semester.

At Meridian Tutors, we pride ourselves on offering an efficient and affordable way to relieve the stress of applying to college or grad school. In fact, we specialize in personal tutoring to help local students become exceptional candidates who are well-prepared for the next stage of their academic career. Whether you're a university or local high school student, we offer full-service tutoring packages that are custom-tailored to your individual strengths and needs. With Meridian Tutors, you'll find:

  • The hidden strategies & techniques you'll need, and at a price you can afford
  • A patient tutor, helping you eliminate the stress of standardized tests
  • Efficient tutoring packages, minimizing the time necessary to raise your score
  • Personalized tutoring, customized to help each student score his or her best
  • Most importantly, you'll find peace of mind, knowing that you are actively advancing towards your academic goals!

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Areas of Specialty


As the most popular college entrance exam accepted in the United States, a student's ACT score is used as a measure of the material a student has learned in high school. Yet many students find that while they may excel at one or two sections of the ACT, their composite score isn't an accurate reflection of their abilities. With Meridian Tutors, you will learn the proper strategies and skills that are tested on each of the ACT's four sections, plus strategies for writing compelling essays. We will help you learn the ACT's specific question-types, time management skills, and how to use the formatting of the ACT to your advantage. As a result, you will be able to successfully apply the information you learned in high school to this highly standardized exam.

Application Essays

GPA and test scores only go so far to show the admissions committee your potential as a applicant for their next freshman class or cohort of grad students. Your application essays and personal statements stand to set you apart. Putting forward a well-crafted statement can demonstrate your creativity, passion, and drive to excel in the next stage of your academic career. But what are admissions committees looking for? While each school is different, the elements of a polished, Meridian Tutors will help you develop a well-written essay or statement speaks directly to the reader, from brainstorming and structure your narrative to the final polishing review.  


Most high school students will sit through the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) in either their sophomore or junior year of high school. The SAT follows a similar format, and has historically been viewed as measuring more critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Since many colleges accept either the ACT or the SAT in their admissions process, most students are best served by taking both exams. Neither test is technically more difficult, but they do have different formats and question types. As such, some students simply perform better on one or the other test. And at Meridian Tutors, we will make sure you're fully prepared for the SAT-specific strategies that are tested, above and beyond the math and English skills you learned in high school.              

Funding & Scholarships

At a time of historical increases in the costs of higher education, its crucial to not only understand your financial package for your first year, but the full cost of your degree. You may know that there are a variety of merit-based scholarships just waiting for high-quality applicants, but even need-based scholarships and grants are flexible and open to negotiation. Let Meridian Tutors help you navigate the ins and outs of competing financial aid packages. And it's never too early to start: There are practical steps parents can be taking in a student's sophomore and junior year than can dramatically affect the bottom line of his or her financial aid offers. 


Whether you're graduating college or you've been in the workforce for several years, the GRE is the standardized entrance exam for a wide variety of graduate programs, from liberal arts programs to now being accepted by top-tier business schools. Much like the SAT, the GRE is a critical reasoning and problem-solving test. The material may appear to be about mathematics and reading comprehension, but the strategies tested focus on your ability to distill information and to identify what a question is really asking for. With Meridian Tutors, we will take you through not only these GRE-specific reasoning strategies, but we'll also help you brush up on all the quantitative and reading comprehension components that are covered on the exam.   

Resumes and Cover Letters

Whether you're applying for a summer internship or your first career position, many positions will require you to translate your experiences and successes in school to real-world problem-solving. There is a wide spectrum of advice on format, style, and content for your resume and cover letter, and it can be hard to differentiate between sorely outdated information--e.g., needing an "objective statement"--to suggestions that only seem technologically savvy--e.g., adding a QR code in the header. But at its most fundamental, you need clear, concise writing and an understanding of your audience. Let Meridian Tutors help you make the transition out of academia with resumes, cover letters, and interview prep.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— William Butler Yeats


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